Dangers of Switching from Anal to Oral in One Session

Some clients may want to practice anal sex with escorts and proceed to oral sex immediately thereafter. It’s a cool thing to do especially if it’s performed as part of the domination fetish. A combo of anal and oral sex in one session gives both the client and the willing escort immense satisfaction. However, there is a lot that can go wrong, and several things go wrong most of the time. Here are the top hazards of switching from anal sex straight to oral sex in one session:

1. Fecal matter is more likely to end up in your mouth

The rectum isn’t a particularly clean place; it is never 100% devoid of fecal matter, and a significant amount of it may stick on the penis or a sex toy and end up in your mouth if you proceed to oral sex without some cleaning. That would be awful. A first time experience of such sex may leave you anguishing for weeks with the loss of appetite and psychological hardships. The poop itself isn’t a health hazard though even when ingested in a one-off encounter unless it’s found to contain contains pathogens. Sadly, it always carries pathogens.

2. Ingesting disease-causing pathogens

This is one of the most dreadful things that could happen to you if you switch to oral sex immediately after anal sex. The poop is always full of disease-causing bacteria, parasites and at times, viruses. Parasites are almost always in feces and may entail the worst types, including tapeworm segments and their eggs, roundworm eggs, and pinworm eggs. You are near certain that such parasites will end up in your system if you engage in oral sex just after anal sex. Some cancers, such as anal cancer and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) are capable of being transferred from an infected person to a healthy one via anal and oral sex. A case of re-infection may occur as well whereby the pathogens are removed from the rectum (where they await to exit the host and infect a healthy person) and re-introduced into the system of the same person through the mouth.

3. You triple the chances of contracting an STI

Anal sex doubles your chances of contracting an STI but proceeding to oral sex sort of triples it. If you had dodged an STI during anal sex, then you could most probably contract it orally because you’re likely to swallow part of the semen or its remnants may stay in the mouth quite longer even if you spit much of it.
To avoid risking your health, it is always prudent to take all necessary sanitary steps when engaging in anal and oral sex at the same time. Consider washing the genitalia before proceeding to the next.

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