I like to be his queen.

When I left London escorts, I was not ready for a fulltime relationship. Well, today it is five years since I left the top class cheap outcall escorts service that I used to work for and I can’t say that I am ready. The problem is that I like to be a bit of glamour puss. When I first left London escorts, I thought about becoming a Sugar Babe. However, it did not take me long to realise that it was not me. Instead, I ended up with a rich man and becoming his mistress. 


I am not a full-time mistress. My kingas I like to call him works during the day so I don’t see him all of the time. Instead, I work in a nail bar in London. It used to be my cover job when I was still with London escorts. Ever since then, I have carried in training and I love it. Many of my regulars are girls who still work for London escorts and I have to admit that I get a real kick out keeping in touch with what goes on at London escorts. 


Does my man always have time for me? No, my kingdoes not always have time for me. I think that many girls who work for London escorts would make excellent mistresses. They know that putting pressure on men can really put them off. I never put any pressure on my man at all. When he has time to see me he comes around, and when he doesn’t, I am okay with that as well. It would just be a lot of hassle and I don’t want that. I would rather carry on seeing my king. 


Would I like to be in a committed relationship? At the moment I do not feel that I am ready for that at all, I would rather carry on dating my man. I am sure that many of my former London escorts colleagues would appreciate my king. He treats me like his queen and spoils me rotten. I love it and I am not sure that I would ever give up what I have now to be in a relationship. There are too many perks. Unlike other women, there are a lot of things that I don’t have to worry about. 


One of the best things about being a mistress is that you don’t have to worry about things like clearing up after your man. I don’t do any of his ironing. Instead, we hook up with each other in a series of top London hotels. He always makes sure that we get the best room and enjoy the best of all. If I am not ready to see, I simply tell him. Unlike London escorts, he does make me feel like I am very loved. That is something that I really appreciate. In many ways, I think that I have got a really good thing going and I am not going to give up this man for all of the green tea in China.  

Written by uhlfilms